Reduction In Victoria\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Crime Rate

To begin with, there are various types of crimes which are being faced by the people and citizens of Victoria. Some of them include murder, manslaughter, sexual assault ,kidnappings, robbery etc. Although Victoria is included in one of developed states of Australia yet it has been observed that over the years, the citizens of Victoria have faced several types of crimes. According to a survey, the offender rate has increased slightly from 1.98% to 2%.Majority of these offenders includes the youth between the age of 10 to 19 and it has significantly increased to 3.33%. In the years 2013-2014 the Victoria crime rate of kidnapping decreased up to 7.7% and robbery decreased upto 16%. But in the very same year if we take a look at some of the other crimes then we find out that they have significantly increased. Some of these include increase in sexual assault by 3.3%.

According to another survey, the number of different crime rates in Victoria vary differently. In 2010 the no of murder cases were 47 but in 2014 this no increased to 58. Similarly sexual assault also increased from 3629 to 4169. There was a decrease in robbery which decreased from 3016 to 2236.  

Victoria’s police has an impressive record of engaging with highly risked vulnerable members of the community. Through their range of proactive community safety programs,crime rate gas decreased. By acting upon their very own zero harm policy , all the police members are kept safe and safety of the citizens is also ensured. Law enforcement is served by police, sheriffs and bailiffs under the control of state.The crimes in the year 2011 were recorded 87,115but in the year 2016, this no decreased to 62,703.

Detailed local crime prevention plans were made that emphasized agency based prevention. By using a comprehensive approach, which is primarily based on a detailed analysis of factors including social ,economic, environmental and institutional considerations the police of victoria sort out the mysteries and engage key stakeholders at local level. This very attitude resulted in the decrease in crime rate of Victoria from the year 2010 to 2016. By using the evidences of proven practices as the basis for their policies, they overcome the crimes. By the anti-crime strategy the security and peace of Victoria is assured.  

In Victoria, the crime prevention currently presents an array of diverse measures, methods, programs and activities to prevent this menace and ensure the peace and harmony of the state of Victoria. In short if we are to look at the reason behind this exemplary decrease in crime rate then it wouldn’t be wrong to state that it is the hardwork and determination of Victoria’s police that has actually made it possible by their zero tolerance policy. View more information here –