Packing And Shipping Tips For Business Gifts

Have you ever received a package or a gift that was damaged, crinkled, broken, mangled or crushed and you weren’t able to recognize it? It doesn’t just take money, it also takes a lot of thinking to figure out what to get for a customer or client, and you finally decide, you don’t want the gift to be delivered in a messy way. When sending gifts, it is important to pay attention to the packaging and the shipping.  

Following are some shipping and packaging tips which will come in handy while sending gifts to clients. 

  1. Forget the traditional shipping labels  
    If you use the shipping boxes used before, then that’s a really useful habit. The major question is, are the bar codes and the old shipping labels from the boxes or not? If you don’t do that, it is possible that your package may be delivered to the incorrect destination. Not removing the old labels from the package will set a weird and unhealthy impression of you to your receiver. So, remember to take them off before you re-label the package.  
  2. Follow the H-Tape Pattern 
    Are you aware of the H-Tape pattern? It is known to be the proper way for the tape application on your package, to prevent it from unauthorized opening. Seal your box by applying tape to all of the open parts of the box. This will make the shape of an H on the upper surface of the box. Even if you have got a box shaped irregularly, still remember to tape all of its parts. You can also send your plastic gift box in other different shapers rather than boxes. For paper related gifts, you can use tube shaped containers. Whatever the shape is, you must always seal it with the H-tape method to guarantee your package will be safely opened by the receiver.  
  3. Don’t assume! Check Shipping schedules 
    If you want to ship your package, and you have less time to do it, just take a look at your calendar. After that, you can take a look at the schedule for all the shipping service you are using. Don’t get too excited when you notice the word “overnight” written, because you can never guarantee it.  
  4. Expedited Shipping is an Option, of course 
    There are some customers who demand their orders delivered right now. Luckily, there is a two day shipping scheme available as well other than the overnight one.  
  5. Shipping Cookies and Baked Goods – MmmMmm, Good 
    Baked goods get shipped a lot. When delivering these goods, it is important to consider what ingredients should be used. Moist, firm and hard does a good job than brittle. Don’t go for frosting, because we all know how that will end up in a package. However, you can ship unfrosted cakes, cookies, and muffins. 
  6. The tape makes a difference 
    The type of tape you are using to pack your box does matter. Prefer to use reinforced paper or plastic tapes to seal your package.  gift-packs