Different Types Of Power Sources

There are numerous types of power sources which we come across in our day today lives. Being aware of them will increase the knowledge you posses and here are some power sources that are used to generate power and facilitate us in our lives.

Solar power

It is a very fitting option for the countries which are near the equator to use solar power as a power source. Solar power is the newest attachment that is discussed with the go green movements for it can help the world to undergo sustainable development. Even the cars are trying to use solar power. Solar cell converts the energy of light directly into electricity by photovoltaic effect. Solar panels are made out of solar cells. Large solar panel sites are used to collect solar power and supply electricity for hot water systems, cooling systems etc.

Wind energy and Pneumatic power

Wind is used as a power source nowadays to generate power in various ways. In farms the wind mills are a common sight. The turbines are connected to create electricity. Not everyone can use wind energy as supply of wind is a pre-requisite for generating energy through wing. If a wind turbine can be fixed near a sea it can generate more energy as the wind supply is high. Although a vast area is needed the amount of power that can be generated out of a wind turbine is relatively low. And the changes in the wind levels are unpredictable. Pneumatic power sources are also extensively used in industries. The power source used in such is compressed air. Electric air compressors are widely used as power sources which helps the creation of kinetic energy. 

Fossil energy

Middle East countries are well known for crude oil which is also called as fossil energy. Natural gas, oil and coal can be listed as the energy sources emanating from the main source namely the fossil fuels. Use of natural gas like industrial air compressors is increasing gradually and it is mainly used for heating purposes.  Natural gas powered vehicles have come in to use nowadays.

Nuclear energy

Almost 10 percent of world’s electricity generation is considered to be by nuclear fission. Nuclear energy has a very high initiative cost but it is highly efficient and its running cost is relatively low. Nevertheless the efficiency it is very risky to have a nuclear plant.  One nuclear plant in Ukraine blasted in 1986 and its radiation effects are still affecting the people. The wastes of nuclear plants are non-disposable. In order to dispose nuclear waste they are put in concrete cubes and are placed in deep sea. Although a nuclear power plant can be very efficient it is impractical for the small countries to possess and maintain such due to environmental and space limitations.