If you are a person who tries to make your room look perfect, well this article is for you. Even though you live in a house, there are some people who always live in their rooms. This happens because their comfort zone is their room. They try to place everything they want in their rooms, paste posters, decorate the room and do much more. When you have a cleaned organized room, you will have lots of advantages. You can find anything easily. You will be relaxed. Most of the time people who have messed up rooms are tended to have confused lifestyles. Therefore, make your room nice by cleaning.

Find a motivation

Sometimes it’s really hard to make your mind to clean. Personally I know how difficult it is. So, if you want to clean your room, yet you feel like not doing it, find a reason to clean your room. Think if one of your friends visits your place without informing beforehand. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want your friend to see your room as a mess.

Decide what you want

The main reason for having an untidy room is you don’t throw away the stuff you don’t use anymore. You just pile up each and everything assuming that you are going to need them one day. But, no. It won’t. So if you are not using something anymore, throw it away. Life is too short to have everlasting attachments.

Tidying your room

First of all, make your bed. Sometimes there are beds which are used as tables. There are books, unwashed clothes everywhere and you manage to sleep somewhere in the bed. Pay your attention first to the bed. You will find so many misplaced things on the bed.

Place everything neatly

After finding the missing stuff, place them neatly. You can use wooden hangers to make your clothes in order.

And use wooden hangers to hang the clothes in your cupboard instead of folding them. That way you will be able to choose clothes better.

Keep your floor clean

If you are girl, you know your hair fall every day. So it’s a must to clean your room. If you are a boy, probably you won’t use a dustbin. So there can be rubbish everywhere in the floor. If you can, mop, wash or vacuum your floor once a week.

Find storage

Sometimes there is stuff you can’t throw away but you don’t use them regularly. Therefore use storage to store them. And remember to organize it also. You will be able to find everything easily.

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