October 2015

There is a new trend that seems to be attracting attention and climbing up on the popularity charts and that is the idea of renting appliances and home equipment. Such new business ideas and enterprises crop up in supply to the demands and changing needs as well as habits of consumers.

Consumers could initially rent houses, apartments, cars and other vehicles. This trend was further extended to furniture, and now, one can rent anything imaginable right from household appliances to equipments to even things like clothes and accessories, as there services like washing machine rental available. The business of renting appliances is relatively new and sounds interesting but every new idea and business are accompanied by their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of renting

The advantages of such a service are that consumers do not need to arrange for and invest a lump sum of money to purchase the appliance, instead shelling out a rental fee from time to time. The cost of installing the appliance and its subsequent repairs and servicing is not borne by those who rent the appliances. Say, for instance, one opts for washing machine rental service then the company will provides a known brand machine that will work efficiently.
Also, right from delivery of the product, its installation and its maintenance are provided by many rental companies. And in turn they charge only a rental fee for the number of months the consumer wishes to rent the machine. Down the line if the consumer wishes to own the machine they can buy it too. Additionally even if the machine requires repair or servicing and is no longer in the warranty period the consumer need not fret as the rental company handles it. Also in the other case if the consumer no longer requires the appliances they can return it.

The cons

The disadvantage is that this privileged service when seen at the end costs more than the actual purchase of an appliance in the long term. Also rental services have additional charges and also have interest in the appliance till you own it completely so you have to pay the cost which might disturb your saving plans. But if you choose the right rental service, you will not have to bear these cons.

You need to understand the need to hire

It is equally important to understand what the process of renting to own appliances entails. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, television sets, audio sets such as music systems, laundry and cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines can be hired via rental services. While choosing an appliance to rent a choice can be made from the variety available with the rental business. A rental payment needs to be made on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The appliances come with warranty and the rental service takes care of breakdowns or other maintenance problems arising with the machine by changing it or taking care of the repair or servicing on their own. The products are also latest and of the highest quality of reputed brands.

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