Best Tips For Cleaning Your Sleeping Area

A rule of thumb in owning your own place is keeping your bedroom and your own bed in the best conditions at every time. At least the place you sleep at every night should look the best right? So here are some tips to keep in mind when you are sorting through laundry and doing some cleaning work.

#1 Keep at-ready supplies in a tiny compartment in your bedroom

Some of the must haves you should keep in your bedroom for cleaning are;

● Dusting mitts, Swiffer cloths to get rid of dust and any other small particles hanging onto your furniture, floor, electronics and clothes in the bedroom;

● Total reach duster to get rid of the cobwebs in corners of the ceiling, behind and under the bed, tops of furniture that you cannot reach usually and so on;

● Clorox Ready Mop if you have tile and wood floors and the number of a professional carpet cleaning service;

● Clorox disinfecting wipes to get rid of the immediate stains, switch plates, phones, doorjambs and headboard and tabletops you use a lot;

Windex glass and surface wipes for the countertops and mirror and window cleaning to get rid of dust and fingerprint marks and so on.

#2 Vacuuming

If you are vacuuming your bedroom then make sure to keep all your clothes and electronic devices locked away inside a drawer and the closet. As vacuuming usually makes dust go restless and ends up making your whole room into an airy mess, keep your windows open when you are doing it too. Make sure to finish off vacuuming in one go and not put off half the bedroom for another day.

#3 Accompaniments

If you feel like you are bored two minutes into the cleaning process then a portable radio and tuning in to your favorite music station or creating a cleaning playlist to stream through your music player will help a lot. There are numerous studies which show that your concentration go up when you are multitasking while listening to music (caution; this depends on what sort of studying you usually do).

#4 Ventilation and humidifying

If you are doing your spring-cleaning before winter or during winter, then having a humidifier is actually a good idea to keep the heat inside and also make sure that you are not dry the whole time you are sleeping. It is also a good idea to replace the evaporator pad after dusting the bedroom. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors must be checked inside your bedroom during the time you are cleaning too. Ask your carpet cleaning in Burpengary service how a humidifier will affect yours as the materials have different effects.

Make sure to give a thorough wipe down to windows and window sills too as they are usually forgotten during the cleaning session.