Are You Struggling With A Suitable Workstation In Town?

We are a large scaled business with a turnover of more than US $ over 80 Million and in to textile industry. Our Head office and sub offices are based beyond the city limits, as it is really costly to maintain these within the city. And these operations don’t have a clear requirement to be operated in the city too. Because they are all in to production with lesser customer interactions. But when our operations started to expand day by day, we felt the requirement of having a city office soon.
You know that finding a suitable place in Hong Kong is not so easy and more overly not so cheap. You might think if we are a big company with a large turn over how this will become a problem for us. Yes. But we do consider every single option that can cut down our unnecessary expenses and invest it within our employees or something really beneficial for the company. That is the secret behind our whole journey.
We found a provider of serviced office in HK. Actually they are experts in their business. We explained them our requirement that we are looking out for an office space for supplier meetings and customer service. They offered us a list of vacant office stations in the city limit.
Finally, we made a decision to go ahead with a serviced office in HK city centre. I recommend this idea for all the business people in Hong Kong. It is amazingly convenient and time saving. Sometimes, it is so common that we have to make quick correct decision within a short time frame. But i think we made the right choice by selecting them to offer us the service we want, you can also check this best meeting rooms.
In order to check the profitability, we ran our financial reports. Those were simply tremendous and showed us good results, more than we expected. We have been able to maximize our customer base and also at the same time we have been able to negotiate with our suppliers for better offers and services too. Earlier we had few communicational disputes, because sometimes, phone calls and emails won’t give you the best outcome until you meet face to face.
Since we shifted our customer interaction centre within the city, not only our customers, even our suppliers have the ability to meet us more often and sort out the matters then and there. Also they do provide us IT and Telecommunication facilities, office equipment, furniture, cleaning and maintenance, front line service and also hospitality service for our visitors. Therefore, we did not have to hire additional staff as well.